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Indian Wedding in Melaka
Prewedding portrait in Cameron Highlands
Couple with Kombi near The Orangutan House
Themed couple portrait celebrating their anniversary
Stunning sunset with Lawrence & Susan for their couple portraiture

Hi! I am CJ, a lifestyle wedding photojournalist and portrait photographer based in Melaka, a lovely town full of history and characters in Malaysia.

Wedding is the sweetest thing of one’s life because it celebrates love, therefore I have always been passionate for capturing beautiful, natural and romantic wedding day images of moments for couples to be cherished a lifetime.

Drop me an email cj@cjfen.com and will be great to hear from you!

CJ Fen photojournalist
Love+ Photo Artistry

CJ is one of the photojournalists of Love+ Photo Artistry. A photography family specializes in wedding, engagement, and portraiture based in Melaka and KL.

Love+ Photo Artistry is the vision of three great friends; Brendon, Kenn Wai and CJ, who each of us, breathes in the air of enthusiasm and dedication in preserving memories, amplifying the sparks of love as well as immortilising kinship.

Craftify Studio Melaka

Located in the heart of Melaka city, Craftify Studio is the home for Love+ Photo Artistry. The studio is managed by Kenn Wai and CJ, specializes in studio portraiture including family, couple, convocation, maternity, baby, business, personal, and for commercial and products photography.

11-1, Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Dear CJ, Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! It would not have been possible to capture all the priceless moments without your professionalism! 🙂 Cheers! Thank you to all photo and videographers! You guys were great in capturing all the important moments and shots. We’re glad that we’ll have all these photos and video to look back to in the future! Thank you again!!! Thanks to the photographer Cj Fen.alot of patience and skills needed to take these photos. Thanks a lot CJ and team. Wonderful n great photos. Love ur work. Very nice pic CJ. Great to have you & Fred around. U guys is the best. Just viewed the pics. They are really good!! Really love them!!And Ken’s pics are wonderful! Different style from you but also very talented. Please tell Ken we love his pictures very much..and still I can’t go over the fact that he is much younger than me…>_< Of course, Cj Fen is a good photographer!! Thumbs up!! Thanks Cj Fen & Liew Iu Lung for the sweat and great snaps taken throughout the day!! The result was more than what we expected. Lots of emotions captured on each picture. Really appreciate the awesome job you guys did!! Thanks for capturing all the precious moment. Can’t decide which one is my favourite, too many. Dear CJ… Thank You for your help and assistance… You certainly value add with your professionalism & fun natures. Tq. Yes the photos are really nice. Good job! Hu cj.. Thxx for u ur team for our weddibg shooting ya.. Nv expect it will turn out to me tat emotional ending. Anyway we still enjoying very much n we like ur service so much. Thankie for you and kenns hard work these few days we are impressed with youe work definitely You did such a good job that I would love to keep it too!! Lovely! We love it so much! My parents keep complimenting how well the photos are taken We were very impressed with your friendliness & service, and would like to know if we can engage you again for it. Hi hi Cj, thank you so much for your hard work making ours wedding photographs. You did a great jobs , all my family members & friends like it very much & commented nice. Thank you If any of our friends are looking for a photographer we will be highly recommending you” Thanks CJ for capturing all my special moments… Your pics speak a million words. U can see the diff. Cos I worked with many diff photographers b4. Only u & the photographer for my bali wedding can really bring out the real feelings & all you need is just ur trusty camera. Nothing too fanciful Very nice pic CJ. Great to have you & Fred around. U guys is the best Thx cj. Great to have you around. Thank you Cj…I’m glad do to this…so free and happy…hahaha…all happy moments captured by you.. 謝謝你們的專業 和 用心。照片很漂亮,我們很滿意。看了又看,看到半夜兩點,真的很喜歡很喜歡! Wow really nice the feel… memories seeping back again My colleagues and frens says my pic very nice ….Thanks to u….:) Hey got your photos. Love them! Thanks a lot! Thanks for the photos, we love it. You have done a great job. We’ll have good memories of Eric at 4 months to cherish now. You did a fantastic job! I have enjoyed you and brendon a lot. Will definitely recommend you guys for friend’s wedding. Your warm and friendly attribute have made the photo shooting so fun!!! Yay…Thanks CJ…Good Job done…I love de photos!!! Thank you CJ!! I received your wonderful pictures! The photos very nice. Susan love them very much. Thanks mn Photos taken by Cj Fen and Liew Iu Lung, photographers of Love+ photo artistry. Thank you so, so, so much for freezing the moments for us! You both have done an amazingly great job. Love it…^^.. My awesome photographers….thx u guys!!! Thanks the photos look great! Will let you know which 2 I’d like to print . Please send my thanks to Kenn 🙂 Thanks cj!!! The pics are lovely… The photos r so beautiful!! So lively, touching and happy 🙂 thank u so much! Thx Cj !!!! Love it !!! 🙂 So much to be grateful for, plenty to cherish and lots of joy! Great moments captured in photos by Kenn and CJ from Love+ Photo Artistry. 感謝 Love+ photo artistry 的 Cj Fen,為我們拍下每一個重要和美麗的moment⋯⋯ Happy New Year. Thanks for the photos. They are very nice 🙂 Bro got the pics!! Very very impressed. Haha. Natsumi also can’t stop smiling. Thanx ya!! Cj Fen thanks for the lovely family photos. We all had a great time and wonderful keepsake for all of us! Dear CJ, We can’t thank you enough for these absolutely wonderful pictures! You da man!!! The pictures look superb! Great memories!!! Thanks so much CJ!!!! My colleagues asked me where i took the family photo. Haha. Everyone said nice. Too bad u r so far in melaka. We like it very much. My frens said it was nice also. Thx ya. Hi bro, thanks for ur effort. Only have to time to watch the photo and video. The photos and video are very nice. Thanks for the photos, we love it. You have done a great job. We’ll have good memories of Eric at 4 months to cherish now. The pictures are very nice! Thanks again to both of you for capturing the happy moments on our wedding day 🙂 We really like them! Both Chris and I laugh whenever we see the photos, you really managed to capture all the fun and happiness. Thanks again! Thanks so much for the prompt service. The photos look wonderful! Wawawawawww bosss 😍😍 I’m loving the picturesssss hehe Ohh! (Y)(Y) thanks a lot boss! Hehe my mum loved the pictures! thanks so much for helping us capturing great moments during our Raya cum opening day. Thank you for the photos. They look great. Really nice photos… Love it!!! Thanks Cj Fen for the wonderful photoworks! Hi CJ.. Great photo.. Like it.. Thanks very much cj.. Yes we really enjoy the photos!! Thanx CJ! Got the photos. Great photos.