Bridal / Couple Portrait - CJ Photography
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Bridal / Couple Portrait

EngWoei&SiowTing (59)
Prewedding portrait in Cameron Highlands
Backlane Coffee photography in cafe
Cameron Highlands prewedding at Boh Tea Plantations
The marriage of doctors
Prewedding photography Malaysia
Backlit portrait
Love+ Photo Artistry bridal portrait in traditional Chinese gown
Melaka prewedding with sunset
Prewedding in old town of Melaka
Amazing sunset at Klebang beach
Beloved at paddy field near Gunung Ledang with Loveplus photographer
Themed prewedding, couple in freezer
Stunning sunset with Lawrence & Susan for their couple portraiture
Themed couple portrait celebrating their anniversary
Nyonya bridal portrait at Hereen Street Melaka
Singapore bride and groom celebrating their love at Klebang Beach of Melaka
Melaka Stadhuys prewedding
Peranakan prewedding in Melaka
Singapore couple at Backlane Coffee Melaka
Beloved couple portrait
Paddy field couple portrait
Couple portrait in Melaka of couple from Singapore